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League One Fixtures
Date Home Team Away Team
08/01/2008 Leyton Orient Tranmere Rovers
08/01/2008 Yeovil Town Walsall (P)
11/01/2008 Tranmere Rovers Bristol Rovers (P)
12/01/2008 Cheltenham Town AFC Bournemouth
12/01/2008 Crewe Alexandra Leeds United (R) (-15)
12/01/2008 Doncaster Rovers Carlisle United
12/01/2008 Huddersfield Town Gillingham
12/01/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Swansea City
12/01/2008 Northampton Town Hartlepool United (P)
12/01/2008 Nottingham Forest Leyton Orient
12/01/2008 Oldham Athletic Brighton & Hove Albion
12/01/2008 Port Vale Millwall
12/01/2008 Southend United (R) Yeovil Town
12/01/2008 Walsall (P) Swindon Town (P)
18/01/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Cheltenham Town
19/01/2008 AFC Bournemouth Southend United (R)
19/01/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Huddersfield Town
19/01/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Walsall (P)
19/01/2008 Carlisle United Crewe Alexandra
19/01/2008 Gillingham Northampton Town
19/01/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Doncaster Rovers
19/01/2008 Leyton Orient Luton Town (R) (-10)
19/01/2008 Millwall Tranmere Rovers
19/01/2008 Swansea City Port Vale
19/01/2008 Swindon Town (P) Nottingham Forest
19/01/2008 Yeovil Town Oldham Athletic
22/01/2008 AFC Bournemouth Luton Town (R) (-10)
22/01/2008 Gillingham Oldham Athletic
22/01/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Southend United (R)
22/01/2008 Swansea City Crewe Alexandra
22/01/2008 Swindon Town (P) Huddersfield Town
23/01/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Doncaster Rovers
25/01/2008 Cheltenham Town Carlisle United
25/01/2008 Northampton Town Leyton Orient
26/01/2008 Crewe Alexandra Swindon Town (P)
26/01/2008 Doncaster Rovers Swansea City
26/01/2008 Huddersfield Town Millwall
26/01/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Leeds United (R) (-15)
26/01/2008 Nottingham Forest Bristol Rovers (P)
26/01/2008 Oldham Athletic Hartlepool United (P)
26/01/2008 Port Vale AFC Bournemouth
26/01/2008 Southend United (R) Brighton & Hove Albion
26/01/2008 Tranmere Rovers Yeovil Town
26/01/2008 Walsall (P) Gillingham
29/01/2008 Cheltenham Town Millwall
29/01/2008 Crewe Alexandra Bristol Rovers (P)
29/01/2008 Doncaster Rovers Hartlepool United (P)
29/01/2008 Huddersfield Town AFC Bournemouth
29/01/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Swindon Town (P)
29/01/2008 Northampton Town Brighton & Hove Albion
29/01/2008 Nottingham Forest Swansea City
29/01/2008 Oldham Athletic Carlisle United
29/01/2008 Port Vale Yeovil Town
29/01/2008 Southend United (R) Leeds United (R) (-15)
29/01/2008 Tranmere Rovers Gillingham
29/01/2008 Walsall (P) Leyton Orient
02/02/2008 AFC Bournemouth Nottingham Forest
02/02/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Crewe Alexandra
02/02/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Port Vale
02/02/2008 Carlisle United Walsall (P)
02/02/2008 Gillingham Cheltenham Town
02/02/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Luton Town (R) (-10)
02/02/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Tranmere Rovers
02/02/2008 Leyton Orient Southend United (R)
02/02/2008 Millwall Doncaster Rovers
02/02/2008 Swansea City Oldham Athletic
02/02/2008 Swindon Town (P) Northampton Town
02/02/2008 Yeovil Town Huddersfield Town
05/02/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Cheltenham Town
09/02/2008 Cheltenham Town Brighton & Hove Albion
09/02/2008 Crewe Alexandra Swansea City
09/02/2008 Doncaster Rovers Bristol Rovers (P)
09/02/2008 Huddersfield Town Swindon Town (P)
09/02/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) AFC Bournemouth
09/02/2008 Northampton Town Leeds United (R) (-15)
09/02/2008 Nottingham Forest Millwall
09/02/2008 Oldham Athletic Gillingham
09/02/2008 Port Vale Carlisle United
09/02/2008 Southend United (R) Hartlepool United (P)
09/02/2008 Tranmere Rovers Leyton Orient
09/02/2008 Walsall (P) Yeovil Town
12/02/2008 AFC Bournemouth Doncaster Rovers
12/02/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Tranmere Rovers
12/02/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Oldham Athletic
12/02/2008 Carlisle United Huddersfield Town
12/02/2008 Gillingham Luton Town (R) (-10)
12/02/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Port Vale
12/02/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Nottingham Forest
12/02/2008 Leyton Orient Crewe Alexandra
12/02/2008 Millwall Southend United (R)
12/02/2008 Swansea City Walsall (P)
12/02/2008 Swindon Town (P) Cheltenham Town
12/02/2008 Yeovil Town Northampton Town
16/02/2008 Cheltenham Town Hartlepool United (P)
16/02/2008 Crewe Alexandra Carlisle United
16/02/2008 Doncaster Rovers Leeds United (R) (-15)
16/02/2008 Huddersfield Town Brighton & Hove Albion
16/02/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Leyton Orient
16/02/2008 Northampton Town Gillingham
16/02/2008 Nottingham Forest Swindon Town (P)
16/02/2008 Oldham Athletic Yeovil Town
16/02/2008 Port Vale Swansea City
16/02/2008 Southend United (R) AFC Bournemouth
16/02/2008 Tranmere Rovers Millwall
16/02/2008 Walsall (P) Bristol Rovers (P)
19/02/2008 Carlisle United Nottingham Forest
22/02/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Northampton Town
22/02/2008 Swansea City Luton Town (R) (-10)
23/02/2008 AFC Bournemouth Cheltenham Town
23/02/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Oldham Athletic
23/02/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Tranmere Rovers
23/02/2008 Carlisle United Doncaster Rovers
23/02/2008 Gillingham Huddersfield Town
23/02/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Crewe Alexandra
23/02/2008 Leyton Orient Nottingham Forest
23/02/2008 Millwall Port Vale
23/02/2008 Swindon Town (P) Walsall (P)
23/02/2008 Yeovil Town Southend United (R)
26/02/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Swansea City
26/02/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Millwall
26/02/2008 Oldham Athletic Swindon Town (P)
29/02/2008 Cheltenham Town Southend United (R)
01/03/2008 AFC Bournemouth Hartlepool United (P)
01/03/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Leyton Orient
01/03/2008 Gillingham Yeovil Town
01/03/2008 Huddersfield Town Swansea City
01/03/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Walsall (P)
01/03/2008 Millwall Bristol Rovers (P)
01/03/2008 Northampton Town Crewe Alexandra
01/03/2008 Nottingham Forest Carlisle United
01/03/2008 Port Vale Oldham Athletic
01/03/2008 Swindon Town (P) Leeds United (R) (-15)
01/03/2008 Tranmere Rovers Doncaster Rovers
04/03/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Northampton Town
08/03/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Swindon Town (P)
08/03/2008 Carlisle United Brighton & Hove Albion
08/03/2008 Crewe Alexandra Nottingham Forest
08/03/2008 Doncaster Rovers Port Vale
08/03/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Gillingham
08/03/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) AFC Bournemouth
08/03/2008 Leyton Orient Huddersfield Town
08/03/2008 Oldham Athletic Tranmere Rovers
08/03/2008 Southend United (R) Luton Town (R) (-10)
08/03/2008 Swansea City Millwall
08/03/2008 Walsall (P) Northampton Town
08/03/2008 Yeovil Town Cheltenham Town
11/03/2008 Carlisle United Luton Town (R) (-10)
11/03/2008 Crewe Alexandra Port Vale
11/03/2008 Doncaster Rovers Gillingham
11/03/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Huddersfield Town
11/03/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Cheltenham Town
11/03/2008 Leyton Orient Swindon Town (P)
11/03/2008 Oldham Athletic AFC Bournemouth
11/03/2008 Southend United (R) Nottingham Forest
11/03/2008 Swansea City Tranmere Rovers
11/03/2008 Walsall (P) Brighton & Hove Albion
11/03/2008 Yeovil Town Millwall
15/03/2008 AFC Bournemouth Yeovil Town
15/03/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Doncaster Rovers
15/03/2008 Cheltenham Town Bristol Rovers (P)
15/03/2008 Gillingham Crewe Alexandra
15/03/2008 Huddersfield Town Southend United (R)
15/03/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Oldham Athletic
15/03/2008 Millwall Leyton Orient
15/03/2008 Northampton Town Swansea City
15/03/2008 Nottingham Forest Walsall (P)
15/03/2008 Port Vale Leeds United (R) (-15)
15/03/2008 Swindon Town (P) Carlisle United
15/03/2008 Tranmere Rovers Hartlepool United (P)
20/03/2008 Tranmere Rovers Port Vale
21/03/2008 Northampton Town Nottingham Forest
21/03/2008 Yeovil Town Doncaster Rovers
22/03/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Swindon Town (P)
22/03/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Huddersfield Town
22/03/2008 Crewe Alexandra Hartlepool United (P)
22/03/2008 Gillingham AFC Bournemouth
22/03/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Walsall (P)
22/03/2008 Leyton Orient Carlisle United
22/03/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Cheltenham Town
22/03/2008 Oldham Athletic Millwall
22/03/2008 Southend United (R) Swansea City
24/03/2008 AFC Bournemouth Tranmere Rovers
24/03/2008 Carlisle United Northampton Town
24/03/2008 Cheltenham Town Leyton Orient
24/03/2008 Doncaster Rovers Oldham Athletic
24/03/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Yeovil Town
24/03/2008 Millwall Luton Town (R) (-10)
24/03/2008 Nottingham Forest Brighton & Hove Albion
24/03/2008 Port Vale Gillingham
24/03/2008 Swansea City Bristol Rovers (P)
24/03/2008 Swindon Town (P) Southend United (R)
24/03/2008 Walsall (P) Crewe Alexandra
25/03/2008 Huddersfield Town Leeds United (R) (-15)
28/03/2008 Doncaster Rovers Nottingham Forest
28/03/2008 Tranmere Rovers Swindon Town (P)
29/03/2008 AFC Bournemouth Millwall
29/03/2008 Cheltenham Town Northampton Town
29/03/2008 Gillingham Carlisle United
29/03/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Swansea City
29/03/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Brighton & Hove Albion
29/03/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Crewe Alexandra
29/03/2008 Oldham Athletic Huddersfield Town
29/03/2008 Port Vale Leyton Orient
29/03/2008 Southend United (R) Walsall (P)
29/03/2008 Yeovil Town Bristol Rovers (P)
05/04/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Port Vale
05/04/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Hartlepool United (P)
05/04/2008 Carlisle United Yeovil Town
05/04/2008 Crewe Alexandra Southend United (R)
05/04/2008 Huddersfield Town Doncaster Rovers
05/04/2008 Leyton Orient Leeds United (R) (-15)
05/04/2008 Millwall Gillingham
05/04/2008 Northampton Town Luton Town (R) (-10)
05/04/2008 Nottingham Forest Cheltenham Town
05/04/2008 Swansea City AFC Bournemouth
05/04/2008 Swindon Town (P) Oldham Athletic
05/04/2008 Walsall (P) Tranmere Rovers
12/04/2008 AFC Bournemouth Bristol Rovers (P)
12/04/2008 Cheltenham Town Walsall (P)
12/04/2008 Doncaster Rovers Swindon Town (P)
12/04/2008 Gillingham Swansea City
12/04/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Millwall
12/04/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Carlisle United
12/04/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Brighton & Hove Albion
12/04/2008 Oldham Athletic Leyton Orient
12/04/2008 Port Vale Huddersfield Town
12/04/2008 Southend United (R) Northampton Town
12/04/2008 Tranmere Rovers Nottingham Forest
12/04/2008 Yeovil Town Crewe Alexandra
19/04/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Hartlepool United (P)
19/04/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Gillingham
19/04/2008 Carlisle United Southend United (R)
19/04/2008 Crewe Alexandra Cheltenham Town
19/04/2008 Huddersfield Town Tranmere Rovers
19/04/2008 Leyton Orient Doncaster Rovers
19/04/2008 Millwall Leeds United (R) (-15)
19/04/2008 Northampton Town Oldham Athletic
19/04/2008 Nottingham Forest Luton Town (R) (-10)
19/04/2008 Swansea City Yeovil Town
19/04/2008 Swindon Town (P) Port Vale
19/04/2008 Walsall (P) AFC Bournemouth
26/04/2008 AFC Bournemouth Crewe Alexandra
26/04/2008 Bristol Rovers (P) Brighton & Hove Albion
26/04/2008 Doncaster Rovers Luton Town (R) (-10)
26/04/2008 Gillingham Swindon Town (P)
26/04/2008 Hartlepool United (P) Nottingham Forest
26/04/2008 Huddersfield Town Walsall (P)
26/04/2008 Millwall Carlisle United
26/04/2008 Oldham Athletic Cheltenham Town
26/04/2008 Port Vale Northampton Town
26/04/2008 Swansea City Leyton Orient
26/04/2008 Tranmere Rovers Southend United (R)
26/04/2008 Yeovil Town Leeds United (R) (-15)
03/05/2008 Brighton & Hove Albion Swansea City
03/05/2008 Carlisle United AFC Bournemouth
03/05/2008 Cheltenham Town Doncaster Rovers
03/05/2008 Crewe Alexandra Oldham Athletic
03/05/2008 Leeds United (R) (-15) Gillingham
03/05/2008 Leyton Orient Bristol Rovers (P)
03/05/2008 Luton Town (R) (-10) Huddersfield Town
03/05/2008 Northampton Town Tranmere Rovers
03/05/2008 Nottingham Forest Yeovil Town
03/05/2008 Southend United (R) Port Vale
03/05/2008 Swindon Town (P) Millwall
03/05/2008 Walsall (P) Hartlepool United (P)
Brighton & Hove Albion Cheltenham Town
Brighton & Hove Albion Gillingham
Carlisle United Swansea City
Millwall Nottingham Forest

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